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The Divine Pondicherry - Solo Girl's Exploration

July 8, 2018

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Makeup By Oriflame

December 3, 2016


Makeup is an essentail part of our lives. Not just because we look attractive but also because it enhances our confidence and brings out the best in you. I am a mkeup buff and I honestly cannot function without a lipstick or an eye liner. Not really a foundation fan but I know that it changes a lot in me when i wear it. 


I believe that beauty is not to be judged by makeup or fancy clothing, but it should be a way to be comfortable in your own skin and                                                                                      loving yourself.


“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” 
― Marilyn Monroe


Recently I purchased loads of makeup from Oriflame and I consider this a brilliant decision. Oriflame has been my savior since teenage. With all those acne and blemishes, I was never confident about my appearance but after I started using oriflame, it turns out I was missing out on such lovely products. It is a 45 year old brand and it has done wonders with the quality of their product and the number of variety they have brought in. 




To begin with, I bought their Giordani Gold CC Cream which actually works like a foundation and makes your skin so flawless.


I have dark circles and my THE ONE Concealer works like a magician on them and they go away immediately. Both these products were really good on my skin and I had no outbursts after using them. 










The four treasures of mine. These lipsticks and one lip balm are like butter on your lips. So smooth and long lasting and had such a wonderful essence to it. 


The two small ones are called Pure Colour Intense lipsticks and the darker shade is BAKED BRICK and it looks so gorgeous on my lips. For a late night party or even during the day with a black outfit, this lipstick will rule the world. 


The second small one is called RICH RED. In the picture it looks pink but it actually is a lot brighter than that. It looks gorgeous on the lips and gives you such a subtle and pretty look.


The taller one is from THE ONE,Colour Unlimited Lipstick and its shade is ABSOLUTE BLUSH and the name is totally justifying this beautiful and shimmery lipsticks. This one shines its way to the top and is so beautiful on my lips. I'd recommend it to all you people. 


The last product in this photo is that cutie little Lip Balm and this one is called CHERRY. Very smooth and has such a yummy essence to it. I really love this lip balm and it is very useful during this season. 

 Nailpaints are my weakness. I cannot survive without having a good nail paint on my nails. I purchsed these beautiful nailpaints too and i just cant stop staring at them. I have used the same brand since ages and their nailpaints are long lasting and very pretty. The shades I purchased are mentioned below from left to right :-







All of them are perectly named and I would surely endorse them to each one of you. 



I would like to end by saying that makeup is not being fake or pretending to be someone but it is a way to show your own self in a better manner. To be stylish and trendy, you dont need to spend alot but you need to spend correctly. 


Hope this post helped you in any way and if it did, do share it.