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The Divine Pondicherry - Solo Girl's Exploration

July 8, 2018

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Thai House by Kylin

December 20, 2016

Kylin has brought Thai House to GK market as the answer to all your thai food cravings.
 With beautiful interiors and a rooftop seating with a warm ambience, Thai House will make it's way through your stomach to your heart.


or drinks we had,
Thai House Virgin Martini - This was our favourite drink of the afternoon, It had the spiciness which provided a hit to it and a dash of sweetness. Highly recommended.

Banana Coconut Smoothie - This is a very healthy and light cold beverage as it contains the proteins from banana and coconut, the flavour of banana and coconut went very well together.

Thai Blossom - This drink was exceptional as it had a flavour of orange and pineapple and other tropical flavours which made the drink very refreshing. Highly recommended.

Thai House Virgin Margarita - The drink had a beautiful flavour of Lemongrass and a hint of coconut.

Jasmine Iced Tea - This iced tea was one of a kind. While it was truly refreshing, it failed to impress us as much as the other beverages.

Thai House Virgin Mojito - This is not our everyday virgin mojito, the Thai House added an exquisite Thai cuisine influence to all their drinks, apart from the normal mint and lime flavour the mojito had a hint of coconut as well.



For starters we had,
Tom Kha Talay - This was the mixed seafood coconut soup. It had a very creamy texture. The prawns tasted perfect. Highly recommended.

Yam Tawai - This was the Thai chicken herb warm salad. The chicken was minced and combined with thai herbs.

Poo Ja - These were the Thai crab cakes. The crab was cooked to perfection. It was crispy on the outside and the dip served with it went extremely well with the dish. Highly recommended.

Thod Man Goong - These were the Thai prawn cakes. The cakes were soft and tasted perfect with the dip. Highly recommended


Gai Hor Bai Dtoi - This was the chicken wrapped in pandan leaf. The soy dip served with chicken complemented it well.

Ngop Gai - These were the strips of marinated chicken, wrapped and grilled in banana leaf parcels. The dish was a little lacklustre compared to the other starters served to us.

Kung Phat Bai Phak Chii Lae - These were the grilled butterfly jumbo prawns. The best thing about Thai house was how every starter had a different dip served it to complement it. Each dip tasted amazing. The prawn was cooked perfectly and the dip and prawn together made a delectable combination. Highly recommended.

For main course we had,
Phad Khana - This was the stir fried morning glory with chilli, peppers and garlic. The dish was spiced to perfection but it had a lot of oil.

Phad Kaprao Gai - This was the stir fried minced chicken with chilli and holy basil. The dish was accompanied with a sunny side egg. Overall, it tasted nice but it didn't really wow us.

Talay Nahmprik Phao - This was the stir fried mixed seafood in chilli jam. This was our favourite main of the afternoon. The fish and the prawns tasted perfect, the calamari was a little bit on the chewy side, but the overall flavour of the dish was a 10/10. Highly recommended.

Kung Phad Cha - This was the stir fried prawns with green peppercorn and holy basil sauce. This dish was was a little spicy but like all other dishes at Thai House, it tasted nothing less than perfect. Highly recommended.


Geng Gari Gung - This was the aromatic Thai curry of prawns and cherry tomatoes. Served with aromatic rice, this is one of the best curries served by Thai House. Highly recommended.

Geng Krua Kae Sai - This was the spicy jungle curry of lamb and assorted greens. The dish was very spicy but the flavours were bang on.



For dessert we had,
Tub Tim Grob - This was a very pretty and well presented dessert. It consisted of water chestnuts dissolved in rose liquid. It had a pleasant taste.

Spicy Chilli Chocolate - Chocolate ice cream is a universal favourite, Thai House’s chocolate ice-cream had a twist with chilli. The spices and the sweetness were very well balanced.

Kao Neaw Mamuang - The classic Thai dessert, had Mango with sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. The rice had a lovely texture and overall the dish tasted very pleasant on the palate. Highly recommended.

Coffee Mousse -  This was the best dessert of the afternoon. The flavour of coffee was just the right amount of bitter, and the mousse had a very smooth and rich texture. The overall combination of the smoothness, sweetness and the bitterness is an absolute treat to the palate. Highly recommended.

Overall, Team MFDworld had the most amazing experience. Can't thank Thai House enough for their hospitality and the scrumptious food. Our love for the Thai cuisine has grown and we can't wait to visit again.