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The Divine Pondicherry - Solo Girl's Exploration

July 8, 2018

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Kasol, where serenity is your best friend.

May 6, 2018

 Whenever we talk about hills, we talk about serenity and peace. One can expect peace and serenity on the hills but due to commercialization and all, the hills are losing their serenity. 


Peaceful life is a very important aspect in everyone's life and on my recent trip to Kasol, i experienced peace like never before.

 Kasol is one of the most gorgeous and trippy places in Himachal Pradesh. The road leading to this popular hill station is so nerve-rackingly dangerous that every time the bus took a sharp turn, I looked out the window with trepidation. The rocks next to the roads and the rushing water was super scary and adventurous. Not only that, the narrow roads were such a risky thing to travel on and that too in such long and big volvos. It took me 15 hours and loads of back pain to reach this place. The bus dropped me in Kasol and it was blissful after that. 

I stayed at Parvati River Cottage which is right next to the river and is one of the most blissful locations. You have to do a trek for 30 minutes to reach this place, cross the jungle and cross a bridge and then reach this beautiful place. You are so close to the running water, you can see the mountains, the trail you crossed and everything else. 

 There are so many stones here and the clear water hits these stones and make such amazing noises that one cannot ignore them. When the sunlight falls on the water, it gleams and glistens like a sky full of stars. 

 Enjoy some hot and crispy and utterly fresh chole bhatture on the porch while relishing the gorgeous view that you get while you stay in parvati river cottage. 

I stayed here for one whole day and checked out the next day, trekked back and moved to a hotel closer to Kasol. 

 Kasol and Paravati Valley is such an attractive location for the travelers and it's known as the smoker's paradise. The Parvati Valley is the favoured holiday destination of young Israelis tired from the three years of compulsory military service, and Kasol is undoubtedly the hotbed of this recreational immigration. The readily available drugs, low cost of living, peaceful environment and prospect of rave parties draws many foreigners to this hill station. 


The peace can be seen everywhere because it is so quiet and silent. The bikers, the travelers and the hippies, all across, roaming around and just chilling. The locals here are so so sweet and nice and helpful too. 


Don't miss out on eating some oh so delicious Maggi and some hot local delicacies. Do visit River View Cafe which has the most genuine and beautiful view ever. 


Kasol is all about Peace, serenity and love and you have to go to experience it. 



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